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Evolve with us

Innovation through evolution

Collectively we have advanced our high-performance wetsuit, and evolved it for the future.
Shop from € 189

A great wetsuit just got better

Your feedback allowed us to improve an already great wetsuit. We call this innovation through evolution. And that’s pretty revolutionary.

We test, and test again

We work closely together with over 50 brand ambassadors who test our wetsuits extensively. We’ve updated our patterns based on more than 25.000 hours of surfing.

Improved fit

A wetsuit doesn’t always fit. We believe this is an opportunity to learn something and improve our designs. We’ve collected over 50.000 body measurements which we used to finetune our patterns.

Ready to evolve with us?

There must be no surf, if you made it all the way down here. Or you’re stuck at work wishing you were in the water. We know the feeling.

Shop from € 189