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2/2 mm top

The Hague, Netherlands


Test review

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5/4 mm heat hooded

Bilthoven, Netherlands



Great suit, didn't feel cold. I surfed in 6-7 degrees C and I feel cold quickly so that says enough. The wetsuit could have been a bit tighter at the ankles for, sometimes it flushes here.

5/4 mm heat hooded

The Hague, Netherlands



Surfed a lot in recent weeks. Water temperature about 6 degrees, outside temperature between 2-8 degrees. Wetsuit is wonderfully warm and comfortable. Should have bought the wetsuit much earlier.

5/4 mm heat hooded

Oostende, Belgium


Second skin

All went great, instant contact through WhatsApp. Gave good advice on what to buy. Perfect suit.

Evan Regnarde
5/4 mm heat

Quimper, France


Best price quality ratio

Basically, the SRFACE wetsuit surprised me in many ways, given its price. It fits great, keeps really warm (I've tried it in very cold conditions and for once I got out because I was exhausted not because of cold) and it seems very robust. I'm really impressed of such quality for an eco friendly wetsuit of this price !

5/4 mm heat hooded

Amsterdam , Netherlands


Nice wetsuit!

It’s a nice wetsuit. I am not very tall yet wide at the shoulders and narrow around the waist. This makes picking the right wetsuit tricky. I chose the MS size and it fits ok. The waist could have been a little tighter but now I have some space left for future snacks and beers. Overall I am happy so far, it keeps me nice and warm for at least two hours on nippy winter days. Hoping the wetsuit will last a long time!

5/4 mm heat

Amsterdam, Netherlands


GOOD service, GREAT wetsuit

Fits well, does not impair paddling like some of my previous winter wetsuits have done in the past.

Thanks to the online advice, I was able to make a good decision even though my measurements theoretically did not fit one size of wetsuit perfectly. It arrived fast, but without wetsuit bag, due to large demand. That was the only remark I can make.

Thibo Degeeter
5/4 mm heat

Blankenberge, Belgium



The wetsuit feels very soft and comfortable. Even before my surf sessions I was already stoked to put on my SRFACE! Nice and warm, smooth and elegant!

Louis Reigniez
5/4 mm heat

Lege, France


Great wetsuit!

Awesome wetsuit and feels nice in the water. No water comes in and it feels flexible so far. The customer service is insane ! I asked for something and they were on point.

Cederic Delaey
3/2 mm heat

Oostende, Belgium



Very satisfied with this wetsuit. It stretches well so you can easily get in, but it fits nicely on your body once you have it on. It also does not pull back at shoulders and neck (I have wide shoulders), which does happen with other brands. With the 3mm I still surf in 8 degrees water, because it just doesn't let any water in at all.