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5/4 mm heat hooded

Domburg, Netherlands



I have a 4/3 and now a 5/4 hooded from SRFACE. Good fit, dry within 24 hours and still warm until the beginning of Feb. The flexibility of hood and neck is very nice. The only point of feedback is the somewhat slippery chest part ... this slips sometimes during paddling / after duck dives.

Ruud van den Bossche
5/4 mm heat hooded

Roosdaal, Belgium


Keeps me warm

Fast delivery!

Suit fits very well and is remarkably flexible for the price. You usually pay double for this quality with other brands!

Octavio Scholz
5/4 mm heat

Ericeira, Portugal


Great wetsuit!

The order process was really great. Augustus helped me with all my questions and the delivery and unboxing was alright too!

I chose a SRFACE mostly for two reasons:
1 - I was tired of buying wetsuits from the "famous" brands, that are really expensive but don't last even one year if you are using it pretty much every day.
2- Because of the importance that SRFACE gives to sustainability.

The fit and performance of my SRFACE wetsuit are great and I am really satisfied. Even though it's my first time using a 5mm and I still feel a bit "stuck", I am getting used to it.

Not only I would recommend SRFACE to my friends, as I already did and will keep doing!

Favennec Marc
5/4 mm heat

Quimper, France



Order placed quickly and delivery even quicker, within 3 days. Too bad the wetsuit bag was out of stock! Warm suit for winter sessions in Finistère.

Recommended to friends!

3/2 mm heat

Auxerre, France



Simple, fast and efficient ordering. The size finder is essential and allowed me to choose a suit that perfectly fits my body type. I use my wetsuit in winter in water between 5 and 10 degrees, I am not cold, it is very flexible and comfortable. I discovered this product by accident on the internet. I recommend it!

Justin Ghijsen
5/4 mm heat hooded

Rotterdam, Netherlands


Comfortable, warm, flexy and easy to put on and take off

I bought a SRFACE because I was curious to experience what all the fuss was about and I believe it is one of the cheaper and environmental friendlier wetsuits around. The size chart was really helpful, because for most brand I wear a MT and for SRFACE it's an LT. If fits perfectly! When surfing (and photographing) in it, the first thing I noticed was how easy it was to put the wetsuit on and how freely you I was able to move in such a thick wetsuit. I didn't feel like the Michelin man at all! Witch is the case with other brands sometimes. Then when i took it off, it was super easy, not at all how it usually feels when taking off a new winter wetsuit with freezing hands. So overall I am really happy, and I would definitely buy one again!

5/4 mm heat

Kampen, Netherlands


Very nice suit

It is a very nice wetsuit! The only thing I miss, is that the velcro straps at the ankles can't be connected to the suit.

Xavier Bourret Sicotte
5/4 mm heat

Antibes, France


Great price quality

Ordered online, very helpful customer service, helped me decide which size to get. Surfed with the 5/4 half a dozen times since in 12dec water and wasn't cold once. Suit fits very well, is super warm, and dries surprisingly quickly.

5/4 mm heat hooded

Heemstede, Netherlands


Great suit!

First kite and surf session was really great. Comfortable and warm winter suit for a good price!

Daniel Velleman
5/4 mm heat hooded

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Top wetsuit

Really a great wetsuit. Especially for the price. It's warmer than my 5/3 Mystic volt. Definitely recommended! Kite surfed when it was 2 degrees outside. I could continue kiting without gloves and shoes by keeping my core warm in this wetsuit, even when I no longer had any feeling in my feet and hands.