The best 4/3 mm wetsuit for 2019

The SRFACE 2019 4/3mm spring wetsuit

Spring is here…

So the question on everyone’s mind is: What’s the best 4/3 mm wetsuit for 2019?

Spring has arrived in the Northern hemisphere. For some surfers that means switching to a thinner spring wetsuit and for others it means waking up from hibernation. That’s why we’re taking a closer look at the SRFACE 4/3mm 2019 spring wetsuit. Arguably the best 4/3 mm wetsuit for 2019.

Do I need a spring wetsuit?

A 4/3mm spring wetsuit or all-season wetsuit is a must-have whether you surf a lot or not. The SRFACE 4/3mm sits in between the SRFACE 3/2mm summer wetsuit and the SRFACE 5/4mm winter wetsuit. However, that doesn’t mean you need to own all three thicknesses to surf all year.

All-season or multiple wetsuits

Actually, if you’re not very fond of surfing in winter, the SRFACE 4/3mm might be the only wetsuit you’ll need to own. For instance, in southern Europe the SRFACE 4/3mm wetsuit works great as your go-to all-season wetsuit. It’s warm enough for cold morning sessions but still thin and flexible enough to last through summer. If you’re located more northerly the SRFACE 4/3mm wetsuit will offer you more flexibility and enough warmth starting around March and gives you a little more comfort and insulation in summer than traditional summer wetsuits.

In conclusion… it’s all about location. 

The best 4/3 mm wetsuit for 2019

For Spain, Portugal and the south of France…

If you want to own just one wetsuit, we recommend the SRFACE 4/3mm wetsuit as your all-season wetsuit for Spain, Portugal and the south of France because it’s a great wetsuit for both colder and warmer days. If you don’t mind owning more than one wetsuit we recommend buying a SRFACE 3/2mm wetsuit for summer and warmer days, and the SRFACE 4/3mm for winter.

For France…

The SRFACE 4/3mm spring wetsuit will offer you more flexibility starting around March, right until the water and air temperatures heat up. In addition, the SRFACE 4/3mm wetsuit works great for the colder months of September all the way through to November.

For the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway and Denmark…

Let’s face it, it’s cold here. Even in summer you rarely get to surf in less than 4/3mm. The SRFACE 4/3mm wetsuit is great for ‘summer surfers’ as their all-season wetsuit, and for people who surf through winter as their second wetsuit for a little more flex on warmer days.  

If you want to learn more about choosing the right wetsuit thickness, have a look at our wetsuit thickness guide. In addition, you can use the SRFACE Wetsuit Thickness Calculator to find the right thickness for your new SRFACE wetsuit.

The Ultimate Spring Wetsuit?

You be the judge. You can try the SRFACE 4/3mm risk-free for 30 days. If you decide your SRFACE wetsuit isn’t for you, 100% of your original payment will be refunded. Learn more about the SRFACE 30 day trial here

SRFACE wetsuit review

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The SRFACE 4/3mm spring wetsuit

What makes the best 4/3 mm wetsuit for 2019? We’ve worked hard to create an uncompromising product that is both warm and flexible. We set out to create the best 4/3 mm wetsuit for 2019 that would also function as an all-season wetsuit for warmer water and air temperatures. Read more about all the 4mm spring wetsuit features below.

Limestone Neoprene

High thermal, ultra flexible neoprene

Are you you looking for the best 4/3 mm wetsuit for 2019? Be sure to check what neoprene is used. SRFACE exclusively uses limestone neoprene for all her wetsuits. You’ll experience unlimited freedom of motion with the most flexible, warm and durable limestone neoprene available. In addition, limestone based neoprene is much more environmentally friendly than its petroleum based predecessor and can be recycled. Read more about limestone neoprene here.

Push Insulation

Extra warmth for the vital parts of your body

Offering uncompromising warmth, the quick drying hollow fiber plush insulation is used only in the areas you need it most. So you’re able to stay flexible in your hips, knees, shoulders and arms. The SRFACE 4/3mm features plush insulation on the chest and back panel so the wetsuit works great as all-season suit too. A must-have for the best 4/3 mm wetsuit for 2019, in our opinion. 

Smoothskin chest and back panels

Keeps your core warm without losing flexibility

Your sessions will last longer with insulation where you need it most, keeping you protected from wind chill. By using smoothskin chest and back panels the SRFACE 4/3mm offers you a lot more warmth than most alternatives.

Sealed outside seams

Making all seams waterproof

This is where SRFACE sets the bar for the whole wetsuit industry. All SRFACE wetsuits feature sealed outside seams. Our sealing technique blocks out water and is guaranteed to last for years. External liquid rubber seams offer additional strength and durability. Most 4/3 wetsuits out there are ‘standard’ GBS wetsuits (glued and blind stitched). They might boast their flexibility but they will not keep you warm for long. GBS wetsuits are perfect for short sessions and less active surfers. Sealed seams have better insulation qualities but also last longer than GBS seams. In conclusion, GBS seams have the tendency to let water through after intensive use. 

Taped inside seams

Water resistant and rash reducing

Taping the inside of our seams is the third line of defence against water entering your wetsuit. This new generation of 0.5mm thin neoprene tape is neatly heat welded onto the seams, eliminating excess glue on the tape’s edges and reducing chafing against the skin. Check if your new spring wetsuit offers taped seams (most GBS spring wetsuits do not offer taped seams), as this will drastically improve insulation and durability.

This is what makes the SRFACE 4/3 mm wetsuit the best 4/3 mm wetsuit for 2019.

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