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PAHs are compounds with a potential increased risk of certain diseases and as research recent shows, they exist not only in tire products but in all rubber products. Example of toxic PAHs are Acenaphthene, Acenaphthylene, Anthracene, Fluoranthene, Fluorene, Phenanthrene, Pyrene, Chrysene and Dibenzo[a,h] anthracene.

The German committee for Product Safety, aligned with the REACH Annex XVII PAHs, has determined the requirements for 18 PAHs permissible limits in consumer goods. SRFACE neoprene has been categorized as Category 2 (Other products) which most parameters out of 18 must be detected under 0.5ppm.

No harmful PAHs can be found in SRFACE wetsuits. We only sell products that are REACH SVHC List Compliant.”

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