Plush lining

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Plush lining, also known as plush insulation or quick dry lining, is used to describe the fluffy, wool like inside lining of some neoprene wetsuit panels. Plush lining is mostly used to add an extra layer of insulation by using hollow nylon fibers that trap air bubbles and therefore act as insulation. Some high-end plush linings have a quickdry function. This means the material dries quicker than normal inside lining. When wearing it, it feels comfortable, warm and dry on the skin by channeling the water to the back of the fabric, so it can run down the wetsuit, away from the skin. Plush lining is mainly used on body and upper legs only as it reduces the stretch of a wetsuit slightly. The arms, shoulders and lower legs often use the most flexible lining to enhance mobility in these areas.

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